(Unlike any other comic strip ever produced)

20 March 2019

As I work towards having my cartoon character "Ballyhoo Burny" manufactured as a plush toy, I felt it necessary to provide a comic strip as a platform from which to introduce my cute little imp to the masses who have never had the pleasure of meeting him before.

It's not the first comic strip Burny has appeared in as he had his own strip of the same title that was published in the "Surry Scene" in Sydney, Australia from 1997 to 1998, before the publication folded.

The misjudged mite with a big heart has also appeared in full page comic strips and even a Christian book titled "Ballyhoo Burny in the Marathon Race of Life" of which 10,000 copies were published. Plus he's the star in my publisher approved story, "Burny's Journey", an epic fable that I wish to produce as a graphic novel, but I'll explain more about that in a future blog.

As I've only just started the current "Ballyhoo Burny" comic strip, I'm not a hundred per cent sure where I'm going with it, so it's all experimental. I'm sure there will be some dud strips that readers won't think much of, but I'll try my best. It will be mostly humerous, but I might well produce some thought provoking strips dispersed between the funnies. We'll see.

The layout of the strip is going to be continuous in its simpicity. It will have the Ballyhoo Burny trademarked blue background, much like the website and a brown 'earthy/wood' floor base.

And it's going to be a comic strip unlike any other comic strip ever produced because, Burny is going to appear in the comic strip totally by himself for the time being, with no additional supporting characters. In my research through the history of (particularly newspaper) comic strips, there has never been a comic strip starring just one character because they've needed other characters to create a dialogue. So Burny is going to converse with the reader of the strip, much like a stand-up comedian talks with his or her audience. The reason for this is because I'm super busy with other cartoon work and other Ballyhoo Burny business at hand and so don't have time for including other cartoon characters at this moment in time. So the new "Ballyhoo Burny" comic strip is going ot be quite unique being the first ever of its kind in this case! It's quite daunting but really exciting!

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